Bucket List

1. Rock Climbing

2. See Slipknot live

3. See Rascal Flatts live

4. Go to Italy

5. See Paris

6. Have a daughter

7. Own a house

8. Get married to my soul mate

9. Have a pen pal

10. Have a book published

11. Change someone's life for the better

12. Meet Taylor Swift

More things to be added.


  1. I am totally stealing this idea. I do actually have my own bucket list, but I never thought of including it on my blog. If you don't mind I'm going to add it sometime soon, with of course, credit given to yourself for giving me the idea. Oh and getting a pen-pal is a great idea. I have a couple of guys in prison in the US who I write to, but if you'd rather a normal pen-pal on the outside, go to Interpals.net and create a profile. Make sure that you stipulate whether you want friends, romance, flirting, etc to give everyone the heads up what you're there for. You will probably still get at least one random message from a Nigerian dude telling you that you are a 'lovely laydee' but hey, there's a delete button there for just that reason. Am just starting off reading your blog from past to present and very much looking forward to hearing your story and getting to know all about you. Take care, Thindarella xx

  2. Katie! There's a couple more things you can cross of here! Number 6 and 8!